RMHC Donation Boxes

Your spare change adds up to a lot of help

A dime here. a quarter there. It might not seem like much. But when millions give, the amount those coins help children and families worldwide is truly amazing.

The RMHC donation boxes located in McDonald’s restaurants are our system’s largest ongoing fundraisers. It’s from people like you filling the donation boxes with quarters, dimes and nickels. Last year, more than $52 million was collected worldwide and over $154,00 was collected in the Evansville tri-state area alone!

Next time you order a cup of McDonald’s coffee or grab an afternoon snack, be sure to donate your spare change in the donation boxes. Every donation, no matter the amount will make a meaningful difference to the many families we serve. By visiting any of the 42 McDonald’s in our tri-state area and dropping your change in the canister, you can help to make a difference in the lives of critically ill children.


McDonalds Donation Box