Volunteer of the Year

Volunteers are the heart of our home

Our volunteers are the heart of our Ronald McDonald House. We have more than 130 active volunteers. In 2017, those volunteers, along with the Meals of Love volunteers served more than 12,000 hours. Our volunteers are very dedicated and truly enjoy helping to make the  Ronald McDonald House a home-like environment to the families we serve. Volunteers at the House help welcome families, check them in and out of the House, answer the telephone, clean the guest rooms, and more. Volunteers for the Hospitality a la Carte program roll one of our Happy Wheels Carts down the halls of area hospitals, offering a snack beverage or treat to pediatric patients, obstetrical patients and visitors. They help to make the hospital a less scary place for these families facing stressful situations.

Each year, one RMHC volunteer is honored as the recipient of the with a “Sallie Ann Hill Volunteer of the Year” award. Though all of our volunteers are amazing, the winner of the Volunteer of the Year Award displays a high level of dedication and compassion toward RMHC families and is exemplary in fulfilling the RMHC mission.

Those recipients are as follows:

2018: Madeleine Reffett

2017: Julie Luker

2016: Martha Doan

2015: Glen Will

2014: Lara Carter

2013: CJ Risch

2012: Steve Schroer

2011: Phyllis Bauer

2010: Mark Thienes

Thank you for your time, dedication and support of RMHC of the Ohio Valley and our programs!