Meals of Love & Meals of Love To-Go

Give our families a taste of home

One of our most popular community group volunteer opportunities is our meal program. It is an act of kindness that translates feelings of concern into a tangible expression of human compassion. In a time when families are going through difficult circumstances, it is nice to have a hot, delicious home-cooked meal prepared for them.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions (812) 402-7642.

It’s easy to sign up! Simply create a free account on our Meal Train Calendar, and you can schedule a time that works for you and your group.

*Note: If the date you have in mind is not available, we welcome you to donate a meal that can be frozen and used on a day when we do not have volunteers scheduled to come in and cook. 

  Here are a few quick tips for our Meals of Love program:

  • The average amount of people to cook for is 15-20 people. Be sure to call the day before to check for occupancy of the House (812)402-7642.
  • We have 3 kitchens fully equipped with pots, pans, baking sheets, and cooking utensils. We have a pantry with some cooking essentials, but ask that you bring all required ingredients.
  • Please be aware that not all families show up at once to eat. Some families are unable to return to the House until much later at night. The ability to heat up leftovers at midnight and for breakfast or lunch the next day is always appreciated.
  • Breakfast- served at 8:00 AM Brunch – served at 10:00 AM Lunch – served at 12:00 PM Dinner – served at 6:00 PM

Click here for Meals of Love Guidelines Here are a few quick tips for our Meals of Love To-Go program:

  • Meals are to be prepared at the Ronald McDonald House (located at 3540 Washington Ave.) then delivered to The Women’s Hospital (4199 Gateway Blvd., Newburgh, IN) by 6:00 PM.
  • Plan to prepare food for 12 people.
  • Meals of Love To-Go is a little different in that we request easy “To-Go” meals such as: sandwiches, chips, microwaveable mac & cheese, and an easy-to-eat individually wrapped dessert.
  • Sandwich “To-Go” meals are to be put in paper lunch bags.

Click here for Meals of Love-To-Go Guidelines

Click here for guidelines