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Today we're sending a shout out to Rasure Floor Covering for the new flooring at the Washington Avenue House front desk area. It looks great! We appreciate all of their support for the charity. #ThankYouThursday #forRMHC ...

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Meet Remington. Remington's mom, Abbey, unexpectedly lost her baby Easton six years ago due to rapid onset of eclampsia. Fast forward to 2019, when Abby found out she was pregnant again. This time, high-risk pregnancy doctors were involved from the beginning and monitored everything from high blood pressure to bleeding. We invited Abby to share her story (see below):

Everything had been going as well as possible until the day of my 30-week appointment. They performed a test called a BPP and my little guy was stubborn. He had a deceleration in his heart rate, he was growing at a smaller rate, and he didn’t want to wake up to pass the test.

Dr. Kuper came in and told me I was going to be monitored overnight. All the monitors were plugged in and my baby had another deceleration in his heart rate. I was told we would be having a c-section the next day. In a matter of minutes, the situation changed. His decelerations continued and my oxygen was getting low. We were rushed for an emergency section. The last thing I remembered was that the doctors couldn’t find heart tones. Seven minutes later, Remington Case was born on March 10 weighing 2 pounds 6 ounces.

I had been referred to the Ronald McDonald House to stay while my little guy was in the NICU, growing and getting stronger. It’s already a scary thing to be walking out of the hospital and having to leave your baby, but when I walked upstairs and saw the beautiful “house” I would be staying in, there was a calm sense that came over me. I was welcomed with open arms by many of the volunteers.

Then quarantine came — now if it isn’t hard enough leaving your baby, it’s even harder being told we can’t have family visiting. This was so hard for me, especially being a single mom. The transition at the Ronald McDonald House was amazing. I am so blessed to have been able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House. It’s one less thing we had to worry about whether it was what we were going to eat, or sleep in between visiting hours, and healing all at the same time. I met so many friends there who experienced the same yet totally different journey I experienced.

After 48 days, we checked out of the Ronald McDonald house and it was a bittersweet day. I was so thankful to take Remington home. At the same time, I was so sad to leave the amazing people who I who had been there for me, showing me care and compassion throughout the entirety of this experience. I am forever grateful. #TellYourStoryTuesday

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6 days ago

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley's cover photo ...

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Happy Monday, friends of RMHC! This is just a friendly reminder that when you order your favorite McDonald's treat, you can ask to Round-Up for RMHC. What's better than world-famous fries and supporting families at the same time? Thanks for all of your support. We hope everyone is still staying healthy and safe! #MakeADifferenceMonday #RMHCInThisTogether ...

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James and Nikkole had their sweet twins at the end of February...two weeks before businesses shut down and stay-at-home orders took effect.

Charlotte and Wyatt were born at 31 weeks gestation and while they were in the NICU, mom and dad were able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

Already stressed about having their babies in NICU and not having their Nursery ready at home, COVID-19 added another layer of anxiety to their lives.

In addition, Charlotte had to stay in NICU a bit longer than her brother to get her breathing and heart rhythms under control while she ate. The day finally arrived where the twins and their parents all got to go home together and finally be a family.

Charlotte and Wyatt are 2.5 months old and comfy and cozy at home with mom and dad!
James and Nikkole were grateful to be moments away from the babies at the Washington Ave House. A homelike environment in the midst of the ever-changing, stress filled situation helped them get through the tough times. Thanks to all of the supporters of RMHC! It means so much. #ThankYouThursday #RMHCInThisTogether

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