Exceeding Expectations: Nora’s Story

Rob and Jennifer yearned to become parents for years, decades even. Throughout the years, they never gave up hope and then, finally, their prayers were answered. “Nora came to us late in life thanks to the wonders of modern medicine,” … Read More

In the Words of Becca and Steve

We are Becca and Steve from West Lafayette, where we have lived for the past 8 years. Our 10-year-old daughter, Sophie, was admitted to Evansville Psychiatric Children’s Center (EPCC) at the beginning of December 2022 and remained there until the beginning … Read More

Winnie Lyn’s Journey

“We’ve got a birth mom that would just love you guys!” Nicholas and Brooklyn were thrilled when the call came in from their adoption case worker. A birth mother in Evansville had been introduced to them by way of their … Read More

The Right Place at the Right Time

Karlhos and Malena traveled from their home in Columbia, South Carolina, to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend. They arrived in Evansville and checked into their hotel, expecting to be in town for just a couple of days and … Read More

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile is a fully-equipped medical clinic on wheels that will deliver free or reimbursed care to underserved women of child-bearing age, pregnant women, postpartum mothers, and infants up to 12 months in their own neighborhoods. The … Read More

Meet the Larkins Family

At just 28 weeks into her pregnancy, Lynn woke up early with a sinking feeling that something wasn’t right. She began to notice a slow leak and guessed it was from her amniotic sac. She decided she needed to see … Read More

A Three-Star Show

Rich and Kiah Cravens felt blessed to have their daughter, Rayna, after three years of trying for their first child. Still, they longed to grow their family. After another two years, they were about to try fertility treatments when Kiah … Read More

Equal Parts Fighter and Charmer: MJ’s Story

“We think your baby’s femur might have been broken during childbirth.” These were among the first words Will and Christle heard from their medical team when their daughter, Marleigh, was born. Sadly, this is not the only traumatic news they … Read More

The Collard Family
Meet The Collard Family

Katie and her husband, Joe, were married for ten years before they got the news they had been desperately hoping and praying for: Katie was pregnant! Her pregnancy was uneventful for the couple except for the growing joy and anticipation … Read More

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